Dr Paul O'Halloran is the coordinator of the Rehabilitation Counselling Major and the Honours Program within the Bachelor of Health Sciences. He is also the primary coordinator of subjects such as Sport and Exercise Psychology, Rehabilitation Counselling, Service Delivery Systems, Behaviour Change in Rehabilitation, Mental Health and Pharmacology and Research Based Approaches to Counselling. Paul’s primary research interests relate to; behaviour change in health and rehabilitation settings, motivational interviewing, exploring client experiences of rehabilitation, improving rehabilitation outcomes, psychology of sport and exercise, sport participation in younger and older individuals. Some specific interests relate to measuring and facilitating social support in people with chronic conditions and interventions designed to build social support and self-efficacy in rehabilitation settings. Paul has worked clinically as a Sport and Exercise Psychologist and Health Psychologist for over 10 years. His work in Sport Psychology with athletes competing at a national and international level has related primarily to performance enhancement. Paul’s work has a Health Psychologist has involved assisting people with chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes with adaptive behaviour changes (using techniques such as Motivational Interviewing) to increase physical activity. Paul is a member of the Australian Psychological Society college of Sport and Exercise Psychologists and on the Executive committee of the Australian Psychological Society college of Health Psychologists.